Morning Routine For Happiness And Productivity


Does your morning consist of waking up later than you actually need to, rushing to get ready, and getting to work late?

Sounds a lot like my old morning “routine”, if you want to call it that. Not only was I always late for work, but I would also set my day up for failure and stress.

When I first heard about morning routines, I really wanted to try it, but thought that it wouldn’t be worth waking up early. But wow, was I wrong!

Having a morning routine really changed my mood for the day. I was getting things done before even taking a shower and it felt so amazing to have the rest of the day go smoothly.

Everyone’s morning should fit their interests, but I want to share mine to help you figure out what yours can include. Trust me, it will change your life!



Obviously, you have to make time for your routine by waking up earlier. When you wake up early, you are giving yourself more time in your day.

Time to think, plan, and take care of you. The morning I the best time to do these things because after work or school you might be stressed and have a million things on your mind.

First thing in the morning, your mind is clear and you are more calm.

The extra time you need varies depending on what you want your routine to look like, and what you can handle.

If you don’t want to wake up 2 hours earlier, then don’t.

You can also start small and work your way up to a time you can fit everything in. So start with 30 minutes and get one thing done, then a week later try an hour and add one or two more things to your routine.

Just play around with different times and figure out what is best for you.



One thing you definitely want to add to your routine is to have a cold glass of water.

Drinking water as soon as you wake up has so many benefits. It gets your metabolism going, helps get rid of toxins, helps with indigestion, and it can even reduce cravings throughout your day.

it only takes a few minutes out of your morning, and with all the good it does for your body, this one is a no brainer!



Adding meditation to your morning routine can really set your mood for the entire day. When you meditate, you put your body into a relaxed state.

It regulates your breathing, your brain waves, and releases tension. Doing meditation for at least 10 minutes a day can help with anxiety, depression, relaxation, and is very beneficial for your heart.

If you are not sure about meditating because you have no idea how to even get started, don’t worry! Of course, like most things nowadays, there are apps for it!

There are plenty of apps out there that walk you through the meditation process. Choose a few and find one that works best for you.

The right meditation routine should help you slow down and lengthen your breathing, clear your mind completely, and at the end you should feel relaxed from the inside and out.



Writing something, anything down in the morning with a cup of coffee or tea, is so therapeutic for me.

It is definitely something you want to make a habit every morning. And no, you don’t have to be a writer to do it.

You can write down things like your goals or to do list for the day, things you are grateful for, pr future plans you might want to make.

Writing lists like this keeps you organized from the very start of your day, and can hep motivate you to get things done.

If you are not the type to make lists, then you can literally just write whatever comes to mind. You can write about a dream you had, a memory, a story, or just random thoughts.

These are my favorite to write because it’s fun to look back at them. With pictures and videos you can look back on moments visually, but when you write your thoughts down you can be able to go back and see what you were thinking in the past!



Working out in the morning works best for me because it feels good to get it done early in the day and not have to worry about it.

I also have more energy than ever when I workout in the mornings and I have better concentration.

You don’t have to do an hour of cardio to reap the benefits though. Your morning workout can be a yoga session or even just stretching for 10 minutes.

Anything that gets your blood pumping will help tremendously!

But, I advise you to workout at the time that is best for you. If you are not a morning person and you know you will have a hard time waking up and exercising, then you should leave it to a more realistic time for you.

Never make working out a chore. It should be something that is fun for you and that you look forward to.



An affirmation is a positive statement that you declare out loud to yourself. You can do this while you are getting ready every morning as you are looking at yourself in the mirror.

You can say things like:

“Today will be a great day”

“I am in control of reaction to any situation”

“I am strong and powerful”

Saying statements like this out loud to yourself puts the idea in your subconscious. If you do it daily your mind will truly believe it, and any self doubt you may have goes away.

Once your self doubt is gone, you are able to achieve more because you believe you can do anything, and you can!

You will start to do things that lead you to success because you know you deserve to move forward in life.


These are just some of the steps in my morning routine that you can use, take away from, or add to.

Mornings can be a little chaotic some days and my routine is different everyday. So just do what you can fit in, and what helps you get your day started best.

I promise you, you will notice a difference in your productivity and mood throughout your day!

6 Step Guide To Self Love


Love is one of the most talked about topics there is. The love between two people seems to be the main type of love that is discussed and wanted.

Self love is something we tend to give less attention to, but self love has to come before you can Loe someone else in order for it to be successful.

Self love has to be the foundation for your life! Once you become truly happy and at peace with yourself, everything will fall into place exactly how it should.

Learning to love yourself doesn’t always come easy. It may take time for some, but it can be the best investment you can make.



The first step to self love is to stop comparing your self to others. Comparison is a huge killer in loving yourself.

As women, we tend to see other people’s lives and appearances and we let it affect how we see ourselves.

With everyone posting pictures of themselves at their best moments, it has become even more common to compare our lives with others.

It’s important to remember that the things people choose to put on display are their best moments, their highlight reels. No one is going to to share to a bad day or an unflattering picture (we all have them!).

Everyone has their good and bad moments so if you can focus on someone else’s good, why not focus on your own?

Do you have really great hair, an awesome singing voice, or a quick wit? Take note of all the things you would put on display about yourself.

Absolutely everybody has special traits that can be appreciated!



We all make mistakes from time to time, and whether it be big or small, we have to be able to forgive ourselves for it.

We can be so hard on ourselves when we mess up, and we let it consume our thoughts longer than it should.

If you make a mistake, don’t think bad about yourself. Try to make it a learning lesson. Every mistake in life can teach you something.

Think about why you made the mistake in the first place. Could it have been avoided? What did you learn from it?

At fist it might feel a little unnatural to think this way, but analyzing things in life creates self growth.

If you learn something about life or even yourself after a mistake, you are bettering yourself every time.



We all have things we don’t like about ourselves whether its with our appearance or even a personality trait.

We tend to magnify these flaws in our heads and make them seem bigger than they are. And sometimes they are things that no one else even notices.

But we are our worst critics! It’s okay to not be perfect. Nobody is. You have to appreciate your body and your special traits that no one else has.

We each have a unique combination of features and traits and that is something to celebrate!

I, for one, am extremely shy. I used to hate how shy and introverted I am, but I realized that it’s not a bad thing, it’s just how I was born.

And I learned to appreciate this trait because being introverted makes me a good listener and observer which I consider to be amazing traits!

Also, once you find self acceptance, you no longer need the approval of others.

You stop caring what others think about you because you already think highly of yourself. It is a huge weight off your shoulders.



If you tend to make choices based on how it will affect others, it can be damaging towards yourself.

Whenever a problem arises and you need to come up with a solution, your first priority should be your own well being.

Of course if you have kids or are married that’s a different story, but anyone else comes second to you. Always think about how you can benefit from a situation, even it means others might not.

if you are usually a pushover it can feel like you are being selfish. We are taught all of our lives to not be selfish, but once you’re an adult being selfish has a whole new meaning.

It no longer means hogging all the toys. Being selfish as an adult means you are putting yourself first, and this is what you want to do.

Put yourself first and you will start to value yourself more, and ultimately love yourself more.



This one is a given! When you love yourself, you know your true value and self worth. And when you know how valuable you are, you take care of yourself!

How do you treat your mind and your body? By eating junk food, not exercising, and thinking negatively you are not taking of yourself.. And without self care you cannot have self love.

The fact that you are alive is such a beautiful thing! We all, at least, have the gift of life. The gift of our minds and the amazing things we can do with them.

Once you get into the mindset of putting value on your body and mind and seeing what a gift they are, you will want ti eat healthier, get exercise, and also make yourself feel pretty, whatever that may mean to you!

The goal is to feel good about yourself. Don’t worry if other people are not pleased with you, all that matters is that YOU are happy with you.



What makes you happy? What is something you can do that instantly boosts your mood no matter what?

Do you love to read, watch movies, draw? Whatever it may be, give yourself time everyday to do it.

You can not rely on other people to make you happy. you have to find within yourself. You can create your own happiness.

By doing something that brings you joy daily you will learn to love spending time with yourself and you will have something to look forward to.

When we were young we looked forward to so many little moments in a day and would get excited.

When you get older, you stop paying attention to the small things and it takes a lot more to excite you, or it may even have to come from someone else. It’s a sad realization but this can easily be changed!

Think about the small things throughout your day that can excite you! the first sip of your morning coffee, how excited your dogs are to see you, or even getting a good parking are all little things to get excited about.

Because self love and excitement for life will make you the happiest you’ve ever been.



How To Stop Being A Jealous Girlfriend

You know the scene. You’re out on a nice romantic dinner date. Everything is going so good and then… A gorgeous girl walks by and after you’re done checking out her cute outfit you catch your date looking too, but they definitely aren’t looking at her outfit.

And just like that the mood goes from a romantic date night to a war zone., all with one look. Sound familiar? If this scenario rings a bell then I totally get you! You are not alone and I’m here to help you with your jealousy. If I was able to change my ways then so can you.

I’ve heard so many times that jealousy comes from insecurities, but I don’t believe that’s entirely true.

Jealousy also comes from someone that has a higher value of things like commitment, trust, and honesty.

When I would catch my boyfriend checking out another girl (I’m talking’ about a quick two second glance!) I would feel jealousy because I was feeling betrayed. If he already has me then why must he still be interested in how another girl looks?

I would unintentionally create a made up world in my mind where he was looking at another girl because he wasn’t satisfied with just me alone.

I don’t want to say as women we tend to over analyze things, but I’ll just say we have reeeeally good imaginations!

When you are constantly questioning their intentions when they gave you no reason to, you are being wrongfully jealous.

Things like not letting them talk to other girls at work or school, getting mad if they happen to glance at another girl walking by, or even getting jealous of their friends when they go and hang out with them are all signs of unreasonable jealousy.

I realized that anything created in my mind was unreasonable jealousy. If I had to twist the facts around and add words to it, then it wasn’t real.

Reality: He checked out another girl for two seconds.

That’s it.

Yes, it is annoying that he had to do that.

No, he isn’t doing it because he’s not happy with you, or to hurt you.

We need to stop thinking that our significant others are out to get us! Like they have bad intentions. Stop adding scenarios in your head that make you a victim. It’s terrible for your relationship because it causes problems that are not really there.

When I started having more trust in my boyfriend, not only was I less stressed out, but he also started to notice and appreciate it. It made him want to be around me more.

Do you want to be someone that your significant other doesn’t want to be around? It is hard to accept it but being a jealous person can and will push your loved one away! If you are always getting mad at him for things he isn’t even doing, he will want to bearound you less and less.

There will always be moments in your relationship that are going to make you feel jealous, which is normal, but it’s your actions that you do when you feel this way that make all the difference.

Your first instinct might be to tell your SO that you feel hurt because of their actions, which will start an argument, but it’s actually the worst time to bring up your issues. Most of the time when you are jealous it’s because you are making up a worst case scenario in your head right?

So if you go and start an argument, they will be confused as to why you would be mad when, in their eyes, they did nothing wrong. Imagine the feeling of getting in trouble for something you didn’t do? Think of how frustrating that must feel.

You have to be able to put yourself in their shoes and realize that what you are doing isn’t fair to them.

The next time you get jealous about something, don’t talk about it. Take a day to let the feeling process. I have used this technique in the past and it has saved my relationship from so many useless arguments!

It is okay to give yourself time to reevaluate the situation. Dissect every aspect of it. You might ask yourself what caused you to feel jealous? Why did it make you feel that way? Is it related to something not involving your relationship?

If you dig deep you might find that your jealousy is coming from something totally unrelated. Or, like me, you might not even be mad anymore the next day.

I just wake up completely okay with whatever had happened the day before. Maybe it was just in the heat of the moment that I felt so angry.

Go ahead and talk things through if after you wait a day and you are still upset. You have given yourself time to cool off and you also have better points to your argument rather than just saying things you don’t mean because you are angry.


Jealousy is a very common issue in relationships, but it is so damaging. I hope after reading this you have some clarity and perhaps en epiphany even! Definitely give the wait one day rule a try next time you are in a jealous rage, I know it will help!

Remember that your SO is with you for a reason, and they love you! They have already chosen you out of everyone else they know, don’t lose sight of that!


Why Feeling Lost In Your Career Is The Best Thing To Happen To You!


If you’re anything like me, you used to dream about the day you’d be done with college, get a REAL job, and FINALLY be able to get out of jail(aka your parents house). But now that you’ve already achieved all of these goals(congrats btw), it might just hit you one day that the career you chose is for life. As for me, it was terrifying to think that i’d be stuck eight hours a day, five days a week at a job I mildly enjoyed FOR. LIFE. Cue the quarter life crisis.

The 40 hour work week was implemented in the 1920s. So many things have changed since then, but the work life has remained the same. Some people are okay with working these hours, either because they don’t feel like there is any other option or they actually truly enjoy it.

I would personally enjoy the freedom of making my own schedule, being my own boss, and spend most of time doing something that I am passionate about.

You should definitely be grateful for the job you have, but if you find you’re feeling mentally and emotionally drained, unfulfilled, and like you’re meant for something greater then it’s time to look elsewhere.

And I get it, that’s the hard part. That’s the reason you feel lost. what do you do next? I’ve been there so believe me when I say that this is a good thing and will truly change your life for the better, if you let it.

Most people find discontent with their career and they do nothing about it because they are scared, they don’t believe in themselves, or they just believe that it’s the way life is.

When I first told my mom that I was feeling trapped at work all day and that it was making me depressed, she told me that it was just something everybody had to live with. That you have to work to make money.

Her second statement is true, but you do not have to live with a career you are not happy with! I realized that feeling lost was the best thing that could happen to me. It’s as if I am waking up from the routine that everyone is following and realizing that I don’t need to follow it myself. It is freedom.

This is the moment where you begin to live for yourself. You can start to do things that make you happy, and not what society tells you to do. All it takes is your decision to unsettle. To find your true purpose and calling in life and act on it.

We are living in a time where turning your passions into your career is possible and easier than ever. It still takes work, but you have no reason to doubt yourself. It used to be extremely hard for someone to get noticed, but with the internet and all the platforms we have, it is a realistic dream to be able to reach people and share whatever you want with them.

You have to get rid of any self doubt that you have because it will hold you back from finding your full potential in life. That includes any doubt that anyone around you might have. If you have people that don’t believe in you then keep your dreams yourself. Hustle in silence.

I know how ugly it is to feel lost and without direction because I have been there before. I promise you that things will get better from this point if you use these feelings to find your true calling and purpose. Live to your full potential. Be one of the few that go for it.



How To Get Through A Breakup

Breakups can be one of the hardest times in a persons life whether you were the one to be broken up with or you made the decision to break up with some one.

It hurts because you are losing someone that had become a major part of your life, and that can be a hard thing to accept.

Although it is a difficult time in your life, it is also an opportunity for you to take the time to reflect, grow from it, and ultimately better yourself.

Just about everybody has gone through a breakup, but every single one of them has gotten through it. So even though it may feel like it, you are not alone and with time you will feel better. Follow this guide to breakups and I promise you will get through it and find self love along the way.


Take The Time To Be Sad

We are mostly told to not sit around and think about the good times and to try and forget about the relationship instantly, but that is so unrealistic.

You need time to process what has happened because it is a big change in your life. If you hold in the tears and memories, eventually they will resurface so its best to reminisce when the break up is still fresh.

So yes, I’m giving you permission to stay in bed all day eating ice cream and crying, just make sure you are up and out of bed the next day.


Give Them Their Space, Do Not Call!

This is a big no no! No matter how hard it may be (trust me I know it is hard!), do not call them! Even if you didn’t get the closure you needed, which I validate is totally not cool, and you have a lot to get of your chest, don’t do it.

Especially if you want to call them just to cry and tell them you love them (been there).In the moment you feel helpless and afraid of the change so you want to cling on to the familiar, but you have to accept that they broke up with you and you can no longer do that.

It is very common for the person that was broken up with to feel like the other person isn’t even sad about the breakup. You wonder how they can just cut you off instantly, but the truth is they did their crying and mourning before they broke up with you.

They already went through thinking about the good times, the bad times, and they had to analyze the relationship before making their decision. You never get to see this emotion from them so that is why we feel like they don’t care, but they definitely feel just as sad about it as you do.


Keep Yourself Busy

After a breakup all you want to do is stay in bed all day, which is fine for a little bit, but you also need to get out and socialize so you don’t start feeling lonely when you really aren’t.

Spending time with people that can cheer you up is the best thing you can do to remind yourself of the life you had before the relationship.

It helps you get back into the ways of just hanging out with friends or family and the freedom you have to do whatever you want, whenever you feel like it.


Work On Yourself

With more free time, you can use it to your advantage and start doing more things for yourself.

Starting a workout routine can really benefit you in so many ways. You can put all of your focus into it and feel really good about yourself instantly.

You could also pick up a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try. A hobby can be a good distraction, but it also helps you find happiness in an activity rather than another person.

You want to find yourself and the things that make you truly happy so that you can learn to be content with being alone.


Don’t Start Dating Right Away

If you’re thinking of jumping into another relationship soon after the breakup, its probably not a good idea. More than likely you are just feeling lonely and it feels good to get some attention after the one you love has stopped giving it to you.

It’s okay to talk or get physical with someone else for fun, but you shouldn’t get into a serious relationship right away. You need time to truly get over the breakup and also use it as a learning experience.

An ended relationship is never a waste of time because you should always take something away from it. It helps you identify the things you want and don’t want from your next relationship and also things you would like to work on for yourself.


Unfortunately breakups are something that we all go through at one point or another, but they can be a beautiful thing once you get through it.

Sometimes two people are not meant to be, and the purpose of the relationship was to teach you a few things about yourself.

So use this opportunity to find your true self and fall in love with her! Self love is the most beautiful thing a girl can own, and it comes free, from within, so find it!


How To Stop Being Moody And Control Your Emotions

Do you ever have those moments when you catch yourself having so many negative thoughts all at once, putting you in a bad mood and then taking it out on someone else? And then later on feeling bad about the way you were acting once you’ve had time to relax? That is a sign that you are actually a moody person.

Being moody just means that you have momentsof frustration, anger, negativity, or even sadness that come over you for one reason or another, which is normal, but a moody person lets it take over their mood for a period of time.

Everybody gets in a bad mood some times, but some are better at dismissing it than others. You have to be able to take yourself out of the situation ad realize you are just in a bad mood, accept it, shift your thinking, and move on from it.

Here are some ways to control your moodiness, find out what triggers it, and how to prevent it from happening in the future.


Figure Out The Things That Make You Moody

So what makes you moody? What situation, big or small, makes you frustrated? For example, being stuck in traffic every day used to get me so infuriated that it would ruin my morning, and it would set the mood for the rest of my day. How awful is that?

I’m not going to tell you to just leave for work earlier and avoid the traffic because that doesn’t fix the problem of you getting angry for something so small. I want you to be able to see your anger, acknowledge it, and tell yourself that you are in charge of your emotions.

The traffic won’t change if you get angry about it, so what’s the point? All you’re doing is emitting negative emotions that start a snow ball effect for the rest of your day. Choose to stay calm and find the positive side of the situation.

You get to jam out to your music or listen to your podcast a little longer. Also, not to mention, you should be grateful that you have a car to get you to work, and a job! Shifting your thoughts from negative to positive does wonders for your mood and your happiness, and the best part is its free and its instant.


Stop Expecting The Worst!

Expecting the worst in a situation is an easy way for you to become moody. This tends to happen when we know something is coming up that we are not looking forward to.

Right away you start thinking negative and assuming that things will go bad before it even happens. This creates a bad mood going into the situation and you will give off your negativity to the people around you, which is not something you ever want to do or be known for.

Instead, go into it with positive thoughts, an open mind, and a smile on your face. Staying positive no matter what happens will keep you out of a bad mood because you are controlling your emotions as you go about your day, not letting anything effect you.

When people see you in a good mood, you will also put them in a good mood and they will like being around you. Being grumpy does the opposite and it never changes your circumstance so it is completely pointless to be that way.


Are You Taking A Bad Day Out On Someone?

After work or school we sometimes are in a cranky mood from having a bad day, where it seemed like nothing went right for us. We then go home and take that crankiness with us and end up taking it out on a loved one when they had nothing to do with the bad day we had.

I have been guilty of this in the past and I know how much it can really hurt a relationship. Taking yourself out of the situation, you never know what kind of day your significant other has had , whether it be a bad day, and they are also in a bad mood, or if they had a really good day and can’t wait to come home and see you. Either way if you come home cranky it will add to their bad day or ruin their good day.

It can be up to you to decide to leave your terrible day at work or school, and choose to bring happiness into your home.

Imagine the one you love having a good day at work and being so excited to see you, and when they do you are in the worst mood, and being rude to them. This can be very damaging for your relationship.

Now imagine them coming home to a happy you, and you experience that happy moment together. Or changing their bad day around by giving off positivity and happiness, shifting both of your moods and creating a happy environment.


Exercise And Eating Right

One way to prevent being moody is to exercise and eat healthy. Taking care of your self does amazing things for your mind and body.

Getting the nutrition your body needs makes you feel good from the inside and out, and in turn makes you a happy person.

If you are angry or frustrated the best thing you can do with that energy is to redirect it into something that will benefit you because being angry does absolutely nothing for you. Try redirecting those emotions into energy for a workout and reap the benefits of a good sweat session.

It doesn’t have to be an intense workout like kickboxing or HIIT. You can still get rid of negative emotions with activities like yoga or even just taking a walk outside to clear your mind.


When you are in a bad mood it feels like nothing can go right for you, but now you know you have the choice and the power to change that. You are in complete control of your emotions and what you do with them.

Changing your thoughts is always free and instant. Remember to take yourself out of the situation, analyze and accept your emotion, and redirect it into apositive outcome.

Be the person people want to be around because you raise them up and make them happier. This will always put you in a good mood and make your life much happier as well, its a win-win.

6 Ways To Easily Get Tasks Done For The Lazy Girl


This one is for the lazy girls! For the girl that would much rather continue binge watching her show on Netflix than clean one single dish. For the girl that puts off changing her chipped off nail polish day after day.

It’s tough being a lazy girl. Chores have to get done no matter how bad a Harry Potter marathon, curled up in a blanket while sipping some hot chocolate is screaming your name.

So I’ve compiled a list of ways to make getting things done easier, faster, and with a smile on your face. (Okay I’m totally kidding with that last one, not gonna happen!)

Here are some tricks that have actually helped me go from couch potato to an actual productive member of society.



If you have a task that can be done pretty quickly, as in 5-10 minutes, just force yourself to start it. Getting started is the hard part, but once you do you’ll be done before you know it and it might even get you in the mood to do more!



If you have a long to do list and you’re really not feeling up to it, then pick just one thing for you to get done. You’ll feel good after accomplishing it, and it leaves one less thing for you to do, so don’t be so hard on yourself!



You can avoid having tasks that take a long time to finish by working on them a little each day. Like doing your dishes everyday instead of letting them pile up. This can be a hard habit to get into, but it will definitely make your life so much easier!



Tell yourself that you will get a reward as soon as you finish your task. It can be shopping, food, or even just some down time.



If you’ve got someone living with you, split your housework in half. Decide who will take care of which rooms and you can even make it a race to see who finishes first. (Winner gets to choose what movie to watch on movie night!)


So what are some of your tips to get off the couch and start being productive? Let me know in the comments below!




Photo Credit:

Imagen Modelo by Skeyndor  (CC BY-SA 2.0)